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There are a few different ways you can submit a claim, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Since the companies we represent request that we have you, the insured, call the claim in directly, we have provided contacts for each company. They prefer that you call the claim in to them to prevent any third party information; however, if you prefer to call the claim in to us, we can still take the information from you and relay it to the proper claims department.

Progressive Insurance Company

Call: (800) 776-4737 options 5, then 0 if you do not have your policy number

Online: http://www.progressive.com/claims/claims-login.aspx

Safeco Insurance Company

Call: (800) 332-3226 options 1,1,2

Online: https://customer.safeco.com/accountservices/login.aspx?hdnOriginalURL=none&hdnCookieDetectionComplete=TRUE

State Automobile Mutual

Call: (800) 766-1853 option 2

Online: http://stateauto.com/submitclaim/index.aspx