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There are several different way to obtain insurance nowadays. You can go online, call the 800 numbers, or call an agent and talk to someone direct.

Often going online to obtain an insurance quote can be very confusing and frustrating! If you are not familiar with how insurance works, which most people aren't, you could end up purchasing insurance that is not needed. Even worse, you could purchase insurance that keeps you legal, but it will not protect your assets and liabilities.

Calling 800 numbers can also be very frustrating, trust me I know! You call up and have to go through ten different transfers to find out you are in the wrong department, and you have to wait yet again to get transferred. Aside from not getting to talk to the same person twice, the person on the other end of the telephone doesn't have the slightest idea of how to answer your question without looking through manuals to find the answer. They don't have the knowledge of the products they are selling, or your best interest in mind! When was the last you called to get a homeowners quote and the person from the 800 number asked if you wish to add any jewelry or collectibles to the policy?

By having an independent agent, you will develop a unique relationship with your agent. Your agent can provide fast answers and solutions to any questions or problems you may have. Our agents are here to provide proper coverage with the best of your interests in mind. We can answer any billing or claim questions you may have. Best of all, you don't have to push 1, then 3, then 8, then 2, then 4. The only buttons you have to push is to leave a voicemail. You get to talk to a live, breathing person. Also, if you want to talk to the same person again, no problem!

Also, by having an independent agent, we can do the shopping for you to help you save money. Our agency represents a number of different companies, so we can place your business with the cheapest of our companies. All of our companies that we represent are rated an A or better with A.M. Best financial strength and provide superior claims service.